Customers and Carriers

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Left Coast Logistics has quickly stood out and separated ourselves from the competition. We pride ourselves in customer service and follow through.  Our attention to detail while keeping our costs competitive for both the customer and carrier have helped make LCL one of the fastest growing 3PL’s in the industry.

We understand that the Best Customer Service is the “team work” we provide when we bring together happy customers and carriers alike.  Left Coast Logistics was started, because we knew for a 3PL to succeed we had to make sure both sides were pleased with our performance.


This is by far the very most important aspect of our industry.  This is how I judge “our performance” this is what we work on every day to perfect.  We strive for excellence.  We require “daily” check-calls and we talk daily, to every driver and dispatcher on every load.  In turn we communicate this information to our customers and to their customers… including even if their is a hint of a potential problem.  All of our brokers are reachable 24/7, any day-any time, to answer any questions or help solve your needs.

Reliability & Experience

We stand behind our word when we make a commitment.  We will do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Our office staff has over 80+ years experience in the transportation industry.  Rest assured we won’t rest until all of the involved parties are extremely satisfied with our service from start to finish.


Besides being able to reach any one of us 24/7.  We pay our carriers in 21 days and we also offer the carrier fuel advances and/or same day “quick pay” at 4%.