Amanda Heeter

Amanda Heeter

Sales Manager

Personal Experience

Bio: Amanda was born in WY but raised primarily in Oregon. Most of Amanda’s background is in
small business. She was part owner of a Cattle Ranch and did Farmers Markets for 9 years
which helped bloom their company into having a retail store, with products in stores and
restaurants. Her main focus was more on the marketing and advertising side. 15 years later as
family started retiring it was time for Amanda to make changes, and so her path in
transportation began. Amanda has been with Left Coast for about 8 years now.

Things I enjoy most: Family, always. I have 2 amazing sons and they are my world. My best
days are watching them in their elements, whether its motocross race day or just goof balling
around as they normally do. I LOVE paddle boarding, traveling and camping, not glamping,
good old fashioned tent camping!

Hobbies: I have too many houseplants to count now. I paint, make jewelry, I can do macramé
(does anyone even know what that is anymore? 😆) anything crafty is my jam! I love learning
new things that inspire my mind. I absolutely love to cook so the kitchen is where you can
usually find me, I’m a total foodie!

Family pet: Bulldog, Gus, his daily activities include: 21 hours of snoring like a freight train,
snacks, very frequent side-eye judgments, trampoline activities and skateboarding.

“If you change the way you look at things and the things you look at change” – Wayne W. Dyer