Javier Flores

Javier Flores

Dispatch Assistant

Personal Experience

Bio: Javier is a proud Oregonian and union journeyman. Now moved over to logistics, He makes up a part of the operations/dispatch team here at Left Coast Logistics. Or as he calls it, his “second home”. When he is not at the office the father of one enjoys spoiling/spending time with his 1-year-old daughter and hang with close friends and family. For fun he likes to go shooting, shopping, and going to live music and sports events.

First Job: Fieldworker. At 17 I was in the field picking strawberries, cucumbers, blueberries, and in the cold season, I would work at the Christmas tree farms

Worst Job: Asbestos/Lead Removal. Have you ever been in a plastic room on a 90-degree day, in a Tyvek suit and half mask, working demolition for 10 hours a day? Never again.

Favorite foods: Chicken Enchiladas as I am a man of culture.

Pets: I had a cat named Mr. Grey but he abandoned me. 0 pets.

Favorite Quote: “I am tired of your presence, Dismissed!”