Rob Bissell

Personal Experience

Since 1995 Rob has been involved in the transportation industry with positions ranging from dispatch, to team leader, manager and now running a team of customer service-oriented brokers. He has spent over the past 2 decades building customer and carrier relationships with a committed following of contract carriers who understand the needs and expectations of our customers. Rob had been a self-employed broker since 1999 before starting Left Coast Logistics in 2009. LCL was started with the idea of building around the existing customers and providing unmatched customer service for the transportation industry. As a small company, he stresses the fact that LCL will only stand out with exemplary services and follow-through. In addition to maintaining several key clients, Rob is also responsible for the general management of Left Coast. His primary areas of focus are to advance the overall growth of Left Coast Logistics and maintain a customer service-first working environment. Rob holds a (BBA) Bachelor’s degree of Business Administration, as well as a BA in Organizational Communication with a focus in Business Management both from North Central College in Naperville, IL. He lives in West Linn with his wife Nichole and children Cohen and Claire.

Something most people don’t know about you:
Something most people don’t know about you: Before getting married in May of 2008, my wife and I became guardians for two of my nieces in 2003. This part of our lives was both rewarding and challenging while they lived with us through high school. Teenage girls were a little tough, but it was one of our proudest moments watching them both graduate.

First Job:
I had many summer jobs growing up: strawberry picking, washing dishes, bussing tables, cleaning different Oroweat depot locations, umpiring Little League, and getting the fields ready before games…all of these were before high school! During high school, I waited tables, delivered flowers, and even worked at McDonalds, but I think my first job of 40+ hours was at Pier 1 Imports.

Worst Job:
It actually might have been Pier 1 Imports. I was hired for the construction of the store when it was just opening, but they asked me to stay in retail after we had opened and I was pretty much lost with what I was selling.

Favorite Quote:
“You shut your mouth when you’re talking to me!” – Wedding Crashers

We have a Shi-shon / Shih Tzu Bishon mix. ( I had to ask my wife for this one )

Favorite Hobbies:
I like playing, watching, and attending ALL sports. I love watching my kids compete in everything they do. For myself playing as much golf as I can, rafting, water/snow skiing and boarding, walking dog, and taking hikes.

Things I enjoy away from work:
Hanging out with family and friends, traveling, taking the kids to the park, wine tasting, cooking, and eating!

Favorite Foods:
The full family Thanksgiving dinner or sushi.

Things your mother would approve of:
My character and the dad that I am.